Summer Jobs

Amber Hubenschmidt, Senior Staff Writer

Need some fast cash over the summer? Getting a seasonal job is one of the best ways to do that. Whether you’re an athlete, a theatre student, or busy keeping up with your grades, it’s hard to maintain a job during the school year. Once summer hits, you realize you have no money saved up to do anything fun. To fix this, you can get a summer job.

The beauty of living in St.Mary’s County is that we are surrounded by water. This means there are plenty of seafood restaurants that will open in the summer. Waiters are in high demand for these places because they get extremely busy in the summer. Some places don’t require any experience, but some do. Regardless, it’s a great way to make cash from all the tips you bring in. A Seabreeze employee, Savannah, said, “Some nights, waitresses can make around $200- $300 just in tips.”

Another seasonal job is lifeguarding. You get to have fun in the sun and get paid for it. That doesn’t mean you just get to sleep on the job, because awareness is the most important part of being a lifeguard. Keeping a sharp eye out is necessary because kids’ lives are in your hands. There are a couple places locally that need lifeguards; Wildewood pool, and Great Mills pool are open for the summer. Make sure you are CPR certified and meet all of their requirements before applying for the position.

Getting a job is also a great way to make new friends. After seniors graduate from high school, it’s often hard to keep in touch with friends in different colleges. Getting a job can be a great way to find new people to hang out with and have fun together.

Having a summer job is useful for having extra cash, making friends, and having a good time. It’s important to stay busy over the summer, and not fall into despondency. A summer job can keep you active and out of the house during the hot summer months. Just make sure to wear lots of sunscreen!