Prom: Chop or Ltown?

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Prom: Chop or Ltown?

Jack Getty, Senior Staff Writer

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Now that prom is over, it’s time to reflect. I was fortunate enough to attend two proms this year; Leonardtown’s and Chopticon’s. While there were differences between the two, they both took place at the Hollywood Fire House. This is my experience at both, and my opinion on which one was the best.

First, I’ll focus on Chopticon’s prom. I went with my girlfriend, Sam. After I picked her up, we drove to her friend’s house, where the limo was. Riding in a limo is an amazing experience because you feel like a movie star. I had only ridden in a limo once before when I was very young, so I enjoyed getting to do it again. It seemed a little excessive to me, but I wanted to please my girlfriend because it was her special night.

After we got into the limo, we went to a hairdresser to pick up Sam’s friend. Then we drove to the pier at Solomon’s Island to take pictures. It was sweltering. The girls were worried about their makeup melting off, and I was worried about getting my shirt damp and sweaty. But, we persevered and ended up with some great photos.

We had dinner at the Lighthouse restaurant, which was pretty good. Then we took the scenic route back to the Fire House, because it was really early to be arriving at prom. Chopticon’s prom started at 8, and it was a little weird because Leonardtown’s always starts at 7. On the way we stopped at a park to take a few more pictures, and then we went off to prom.

When we got to prom, the driver pulled up right in front of the firehouse so we could get out. It was pretty cool to arrive in a limo and make a grand entrance. Getting out of the limo there was only one thing I was thinking about: where are the doves? Chopticon’s prom theme was the Roaring Twenties/The Great Gatsby.

When we got inside, there weren’t a lot of decorations, but it was unmistakably the Roaring Twenties. The music was peppy and upbeat, and didn’t feature a lot of slow songs, but I was alright with it. The dance floor itself was smaller because there were a lot of tables there so it was easy to find a place to set down our stuff. When the time came to crown prom king and queen, the two people who won were not a couple. So the king gave up his crown to the queen’s boyfriend, which I respected. After a couple more songs, prom ended and we returned to the limo.

Overall, Chopticon’s prom was a great night, filled with fun and dancing. I thought it was better than Leonardtown’s prom last year. I got to spend the night with my girlfriend, which was amazing and she looked very pretty. The only thing that made me a little uncomfortable was being a Leonardtown kid in a room filled with my school’s rivals.

So now for Leonardtown’s prom. Finally, it was my senior prom! The week before prom was pretty stressful, but little did I know it was about to get even more stressful. My group of friends I went with couldn’t decide on a place to take pictures. They changed their minds more than five times the day of prom. I was not only frustrated by their lack of coordination, but also because of lacrosse practice that morning. I said screw it, I’m taking pictures at my house with Sam and I’d meet my friends at my friend’s house. It ended up working out, but I didn’t hold out any hope for the rest of the evening.

After pictures we went to the Ruddy Duck in St. George’s Island, which was good because it was on the water and not so hot. Then we took some pictures on the dock and set out for prom.

Leonardtown’s prom was decorated better than I could ever imagined. I have to hand it to the junior’s because they did a fantastic job with the Alice in Wonderland theme. I loved the decorations, the way they had Alice in Wonderland playing, but most importantly; the Shoppers doughnuts. There was much more food than Chopticon’s prom. Chopticon had a table for their food and only served water. Leonardtown had a food table and doughnuts on tables, set around the entire room. They also had water and lemonade to drink.

The dance floor was bigger than Chopticon’s, but the tables that held the decorations were a nuisance every once in a while. There weren’t a lot of tables to set your stuff on, but we ended up snagging a table. I was overjoyed to find cornhole boards, and I wish I had played, but I was happy I stayed with my girlfriend to dance. Unfortunately, the room was unbearably hot. I was sweating harder than I have during lacrosse practice. The music was really good, and it felt more vibrant and energetic than Chopticon’s. Like Chopticon’s, there weren’t a lot of slow songs, but I got over it. Afterwards, we went back to my friend Haylee’s house where we played card games and watched movies. In the morning we went to my friend Jeff’s house for breakfast then went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Overall, I thought Leonardtown’s prom was a bunch of fun. The music was good, I got to spend the day with Sam and my friends, there was a ton of doughnuts, I danced (and sweat) a lot, and it was certainly a night to remember. Although I could have gone without the stress and extreme temperatures.

Now that I’ve highlighted the bad and the good, it’s time to pick a favorite. Although I enjoyed both proms and had a lot of fun and would love to relive them again, I have to say Leonardtown’s prom was the best. Leonardtown had a better decorations, better food, and better music. All in all, both were a perfect way to celebrate my senior year and spend time with my friends.