School Sports- Because there’s nothing else to do

Liam Mcnamara, Junior Sports Writer

One thing that a lot of students look forward to as a means of an escape from the mundane and mind-numbingly boring routine of a school day is interscholastic sports.  Whether you play for a team or just go to watch, high-school sports are something that many people can look back on and remember fondly.

If you ask any athlete attending Leonardtown what their favorite part of the school year is, a likely answer you’re going to receive is participating on their favorite sports team. Taylor Superior, a junior, says that she is really looking forward to a promising soccer season for the girl’s team and a deep playoff run. Anthony Branch, a senior, says his goal this year is to win SMAC in both the indoor and outdoor track and field boys discus event. He believes his biggest competition is junior Daltyn Earl, and he’s looking forward to a competitive season with him. Other students are looking forward to their own sports. The field hockey is working towards a SMAC championship this season. The golf team is coming off one of their hardest-earned victories, with junior Ben Joyce coming through in the clutch with two birdies in the last two holes. Both the baseball team and softball team are hoping to be formidable teams in SMAC this year and make a deep playoff run in the spring.

Sometimes the best part of a sport is being a spectator. Many students look forward to every home football game, because it’s a great time to get together with friends and pray to God our team could win. As the 2011-2012 year began, I polled students on what sports they were looking most forward to attending. Almost half of the fifty students that were polled said they were looking forward to cheering on the football team this season, while fifteen others said they hoped for a more promising season from the basketball team. Senior class president Brooke Brown has high hopes for the Bird Cage this winter. “I can promise the senior class and the rest of the school that the Bird Cage at home basketball games will be back and better than ever this season.”