Winter Weather Dressing


Credit: David L. Ryan/Boston Globe Staff

Jaden Morgan, Senior Editor, Anchor, Reporter

Hey there, Raiders! I think we all have had that moment where we don’t have a real idea, but need to have a real idea and so just kinda freestyle something. On a completely unrelated note, what is up with the “winter gear” around these parts?




I’m from up North but only so much up North. You Raiders know that this is only Southern Maryland and not the South South, right? Like, there’s only forest in every direction, sparsely broken up by wide open wheat fields and small churches and old-timey buildings that might be seen in a western, accessible via cool brick walkways over some lame urban concrete that lines the streets of my homefields, PG & DC, but, my goodness! I don’t think the place a bit over a half an hour from Waldorf can be fully considered “the South”, so, the weather isn’t like Key West, and you Raiders can not at all still reasonably be coming to school with shorts & t-shirts on, especially t-shirts with no jacket which I’ve actually seen. This is the first week I’ve switched from my windbreaker to the full winter coat, I’m set. But a lot of you Raiders seem like you’re waiting for New Year’s to start wearing jeans. You don’t feel the cold? Do you internally just mass produce heat, by like, squeezing your stomach a little bit like a hand warmer pack? Bro… I’m trying to get like that, though, because the standard push & pull of the weather being way too hot one season, and then way too cold the next is slightly burdensome, so being totally unaffected by either seems cool to me. You’re inspirational, Raiders. Stay Raider STRONG in the cold this season, and like, put that iron will to use and run one of those Nordic ice races or something where they dunk themselves in ice water in the mountainous tundra.

Credit: Visit Finland|Winter Warrior Finland 2022

For me though, until then when I can come to school in fall close to winter, wearing nothing more than pajama flannel pants and a hoodie with Crocs or Sanuks or something else very exposing to the feet, I’m gonna stay bundled up in my thick bed covers, wearing layers in my heated home, like the Northern-city-slicking-boy-who-can’t-stand-cold that I am.