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The History of “Goodnight Moon”

Brooke Ince, Writer, Anchor May 20, 2024

Written by Amy Crawford, the children's book “Goodnight Moon” has held a place in a lot of children's hearts. According to a Smithsonian article the book has sold over 48 million copies, meaning the...

NFL Score Predictions for 1/20 & 1/21

Bryan Moreno January 19, 2024

Let's check out Bryan's feature on the predictions of the NFL games this weekend!

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What Do You Stand For?

Cadence Redmond, Sophomore Writer, Anchor, Features May 26, 2023
"I believe that I have a solid chance of winning the senior class presidential election." ~Cordeau

The World Around Seniors (2004-2023)

May 19, 2023

Well Seniors, we did it. We made it through the past 18 years of the glorious planet earth, through all the changes, through all the different fads, through all the economic challenges, through all the...

What is the Best Halloween Candy?

Zachary Engel, Senior Staff Writer October 29, 2022
"The U.S. spent $3 Billion on Halloween candy in 2021".
Inhibiting new infections to reduce cases (vertical axis) at any specific time is known as flattening the curve. It allows healthcare services to better manage the same volume of patients by spreading out demands over time (horizontal axis). Dashed line indicates healthcare capacity.

The Pandemic Isn’t Over Just Because You’re Over It

Clary Taylor, Senior Writer January 20, 2022

If you look at the news these days, Covid-19 is dominating the headlines. We’re two years into this pandemic and yet there are still multiple unknowns and uncertainties regarding this disease. With the...

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Leonardtown’s Traffic Light Debacle

Zachary Engel, Junior Writer November 19, 2021

Ah the traffic light. Since the first one was installed in Cleveland Ohio back in 1914, these devices have helped people all over the world know when it is acceptable to move at an intersection without...

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Fall Back into Bed this Sunday! Daylight Savings 2021

Sam Newton, Senior Writer November 5, 2021

Heads up Raiders, daylight savings is approaching! While many people aren’t big fans, shifting the time forward one hour in March and back an hour in November has its benefits. Studies show that after...

Read each step to keep you in step with your future!

The College Search

Promise Morgan, Senior Writer October 29, 2021

High school isn’t easy, students have to work hard and there are a million things to do in order to secure your next 4 years in college. Such as finding a college that is the perfect fit for you. So,...

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