Movie Review: Hidden Figures


Amber Hubenschmidt, Senior Staff Writer

You always see who goes to space, but do you ever wonder about the people who got them there? Hidden Figures reveals the women who were instrumental in getting astronauts to space. The movie was directed by the talented Theodore Melfi and officially released to the public on December 25, 2016. It centers around three intelligent, strong, and determined African-American women who work for NASA. The movie is set in the 1960’s and based off of a true story. But being a woman, especially a woman of color, and working at NASA was extremely rare in that time period. These three women didn’t let that change anything as they battled the daily sexism and racism in their workplace, and opened the eyes of others.

February was Black History Month, and Hidden Figures was released just in time to celebrate and honor those people. The movie was a good representation of fierce, bold, and smart African American women that overcome their debilitating stereotypes. Its great for kids too. Teaching black history at a young age helps fight against institutionalized racism and kids learn to appreciate what black ancestors had to endure. The movie projects a strong message of hope and endurance, which everyone can learn from. When I saw this inspirational movie, leaving the theatre I felt like even I could make a difference in this world.