The Scottish Play Opens Tonight!

Macbeth, also known as the Cursed Play or Scottish Play opens tonight at Leonardtown Highschool.

Owen Hugel, Sophomore Writer

For the next few days, the Leonardtown R.O.S.E. players will be performing their rendition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Opening night for the cast and crew will be tonight at 7:00 PM here in the Leonardtown auditorium. 

The performance is being organized and directed by Mr. Barbato, and he has done so much to coordinate the show, additionally, the hard work from all cast and crew has been impressive. Besides everyday rehearsals since September, there is so much that goes into creating a show like this. Mr. Barbato has said, “It’s a whole group of people all coming together to create something bigger than themselves”. 

We already know our LHS R.O.S.E. players will nail it in all of the shows. Now, the question is, do you have your tickets yet? Tickets can be purchased at and showtimes are as follows: 12/2 and 12/3 – 7:00 PM, and 12/4 – 1:00 PM. Make sure to come out and support our amazing Leonardtown performers!