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Hailey Stack, Senior Staff Writer

The arts have always been a part of society because they have no boundaries, there is no limit. According to Emily Carpenter, our senior editor, “Music is a dimension of expression that we utilize no matter the circumstance.” There are many different genres of music that contain diverse messages. In 2018 Korean pop (k-pop) music moved its way over the United States charts. This was not anything new to those in the music industry, the k-pop artist Psy made his way to number one with Gangnam Style in 2012. Now there is a new wave of music flowing in and taking the world by storm. 


K-pop is no stranger to international recognition. In fact, certain groups have had monumental accomplishments and watersheds of their success. Groups such as BTS, Got7, MonstaX, Blackpink, Tomorrow X Together, and SuperM went on tour and had momentous performances all over the U.S. They are known for pushing limits and speaking up about important issues in their country and around the world.  For example, the next generation leaders BTS gave a speech about being true to oneself and speaking up for what you believe in at the U.N “Generation Unlimited” event. BTS is an incredible group that has cultivated many fans through their strong messages about the exploration of oneself. There are many other groups that have emulated that same morale. Another representation is Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean group Got7, who wrote a song called “I Am Me” about finding who you are. Many k-pop groups strive to send motivational messages to the upcoming generations. 


Award shows are a way for fans to interact and personally vote for their favorite groups. They exemplify the unbreakable relationship between fans and the group, and are representative of a group’s rigorous work that they put into their performances. BTS is the first Korean act to debut at No.1 on the Billboard charts as well as hitting the No.1 spot on the Billboard Artist Top 100 chart. Later that year they became the first group since the Beatles to have three Billboard No.1’s in the same year. Following up with MonstaX in August of 2019, they were the first k-pop group to perform at Madison Square. Several k-pop groups have inked high profile deals with U.S.’ major labels including Blackpink, NCT127, Tomorrow X Together, and RCA signing Ateez. After all the record breaking and top news headlines k-pop now compares with Taylor Swift and Beyonce in live draws for Billboard. 


After the boom of EDM and artists like Shawn Mendes in the music world, k-pop has risen to the top of the charts, and it looks like it isn’t stopping there. The upcoming year has even more to offer with groups hinting at new albums, tours, and collaborations in 2020. The music industry is always growing and expanding throughout the world. Next time you’re looking at the top charts to find a great new song to add to that banger playlist, take a look at the international music that’s at the No.1 spot.