Springy Springin’

Springy Springin

Graham Wilson, Senior Staff Writer

Flowers are blooming

The track team is zooming

An exciting time

I’m feeling sublime

Seniors and Juniors get dressed up for prom

Everyone dreading the growth of their lawn

Sweater weather is over it’s time for the shorts

Tennis team is balling on all of the courts

Baseball and softball tear up the field

Seniors are leaving their fate has been sealed

Lacrosse wants to win they’re on top of their game

This beautiful season has finally came

Spring colors arise and their presence is felt

The last drops of snow will happily melt

Cold winter has come to an end

Happiness is just around the bend

So many great sights

People reaching new heights

Children flying kites

Perfect weather for nights

It’s a feeling we all get, it’s got that one thing

That brings us together, golden like a ring

Mother Nature’s greatest feat, the birds start to sing

There’s magical air in the presence of Spring