The Rise of International Music

Emily Carpenter, Junior Staff Writer

Music is a dimension of expression that we utilize no matter the circumstance. It is a universal language that any culture or ethnic background can speak. When a band or artist creates a culture of music that was unheard of until their presence in the industry, it is hard to ignore their ability to expand genres and contribute to a new side of what we define as music. International or foreign music has increasingly gained popularity within the United States within the span of a short time, and has brought with it passion and influence for Western style pop music.


The Korean pop band BTS is no stranger to pushing the conventional boundaries of music genres, and culminates the very definition of what it means to be eclectic amongst a sea of normalities that pop music has seemed to acquired in the past few years, complete with unexpected concepts for albums and unorthodox choreography that is shown not only in music videos but in their live performance as well. BTS has a very expansive fanbase in the United States, and with the latest release of their album Love Yourself, they have risen to the top of international charts worldwide. Love Yourself is a concept album, interchanging many different perspectives on what it means to truly be at ease with who you are despite outside influence that can heighten your insecurities. The purpose of this release surfaces deeper than their choreographed performances and serves as an example for their ability to appeal to a pervasive audience, but most of all contributes to the idea of self-admiration and self security being of utmost importance in one’s life.


Another Korean pop band that does not have as much recognition as BTS but is just as talented and relevant is The Rose. The Rose focuses on a more modern and acoustic style of music, prominating their voices and instrumentals without any layers of electronic influence. The Rose is a very raw band, and encompasses the idea of an intimate and unreserved style of music. They have only released a short EP, and plan to release another within the next month or so. The band is ready to progress and start a new era for Korean pop music while implementing their acoustically induced instrumentals into the genre that they are categorized under.


International bands are proof that language is no boundary for the feeling that you receive when you are exposed to music. Music speaks to the innermost parts of the mind and body, and caters to any kind of individual. No matter the background of one’s life, music can impart a piece of yourself that cannot be expressed through normal conversation, and acquaint itself with the most vulnerable aspects of your life, regardless of genre and verbal barriers.