Indecisive Past Times

Indecisive Past Times

Isabelle Ashby, Junior Staff Writer

Finding something you’re interested in isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Or maybe it just comes naturally to you. Nevertheless, most of us can agree that it’s difficult to stick to one thing before something else captures your interest. I know I’ve yet to settle down and focus myself on one specific hobby. I’ve jumped around about a dozen times, always becoming engrossed in new things before moving on to something else that captures my interest. But you don’t have to stick to just one thing, it can be multiple. But adapting yourself and evolving your talent for one specific activity is a different story.

When I was younger, I always admired my sister, who is a talented artist. I used to watch her put pencil to paper and create portraits that mesmerized me. It was impressive because even though she was young, she could already create these grandiose pieces of art. I aspired to be just like her and work up to her standards. And so I set myself to drawing for years. Although I improved remarkably, I could never get myself to where I wanted and eventually lost patience with myself and stopped drawing a year ago. My lack of patience has always been an issue when I try to learn something new.

After drawing, I started getting into writing. I was ten when I got my first laptop. At that age, I was of course, flooded with the vast imagination of a child and was always itching to write down stories and thoughts I conjured up in my head. I found typing in Word documents on my laptop to be much quicker and easier than writing by hand. And so, story after story I wrote, spilling out creative fantasies on page after page. I always told myself that I would finish one of my stories one day, but I never had the patience to stick with one until the end. To this day, I still write and enjoy doing so. Writing might be the only activity I’ve stuck with for so long.

Over the years, I also pressed myself to learning the guitar, soccer, painting, martial arts, archery…. and a bunch more. Nothing could retain my attention for long.

But just recently, I’ve gotten myself attached to video editing. An old friend introduced me to her work and taught me the basics. Watching her put small clips together with music and effects captivated me. It was even more fascinating to learn how you could manipulate the clips and effects to create something purely your own. And the choices of how you could mash up your videos are endless. I learned how to edit videos about three years ago, and still hop onto my laptop to throw clips together from time to time. Video editing and writing are my two passions, and I hope to improve them both in the future.

Finding a hobby that you can stay with is difficult, and I find myself jumping around a lot. But nothing is more satisfying than realizing your hidden skills and passions for something and continuing with it.