Teariffice Cafe


Gabbie Weaver, Senior A&E Writer

Located in Lexington Park, Maryland, this restaurant is known as one of the most authentic and healthier of the Chinese cuisines in our area. The dishes contain minimal oil while maintaining a flavorful tasting experience. Visiting Teariffic, you can enjoy a wide array of menu choices: from appetizers, smoothies, teas, and dinner or lunch specials! Some of the appetizers include shrimp dumplings, curry paste wraps, and steamed custard buns. Teariffic stands out with its wide array in its smoothie and tea section, an offer not supplied by many other Chinese restaurants. The cafe is known for its bubble tea, a trend that originated in Taiwan that adds chewy tapioca balls or fruit jellies to beverages, choose any of Teariffic’s fine teas and add these ‘bubbles’ for only eighty cents extra. Not only can you order these unique bubbles with any choice of tea, but also with any smoothie. They offer a multitude of flavors: coconut, mango, passion fruit, strawberry, peach, mocha, honeydew, pineapple, and taro smoothies.This cafe has a calm and quiet environment where anyone can bring friends, enjoy a smoothie, or a classic Chinese meal. Teariffic is located next to Famous Footwear in Lexington Park, and is opened from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm, and closed on Sundays. Being a family owned and run restaurant, it certainly makes a genuine experience.