The Homecoming Dance 2015

Maddie Raley, Senior Editor

This year homecoming fell on October 24, 2015. Students spent all day getting prepared and pampered to look their best! After getting together with friends and getting ready girls usually meet up with their dates. These groups usually enjoy going out to eat or just going to their favorite locations to take pictures. Since this process can take a while, students make sure they set aside plenty of time to arrive at the dance at 8:00. At the dance, around 900 kids gather in the school gym for a good time. This year the Dj was a hit and was known for playing many Latino hits. Students spend hours dancing around with their friends, and sometimes teachers. If they got tired they were welcome to go in the aux. gym where water bottles are outside for the grab, generously donated by our Student Council Association.

Around 11:00 they dance came to a close, although many people left earlier. The students rush outside to continue the night with their friends in celebration of Homecoming!