Looking for Alaska: A Novel by John Green


Gabby Weaver, Senior A&E Staff Writer

 Looking for Alaska is about average, thin Miles Halter, nicknamed ‘Pudge’, who gets into Culver Creek Boarding School in search of something more intriguing.He comes off a bit quirky with the affinity for the famous last words he memorizes of various significant historical figures- which he uses to get into a party with his roommate, who goes by ‘The Colonel’, and the hot girl
down the hall, Alaska Young.   

       The plot  is constantly twisting, and John Green keeps Alaska Young as an alluring enigma throughout as you read in Miles’ point of view. Green successfully writes a novel that relates to the common struggles of everyday teenagers, from social pressures to what it’s like adjusting to a new school and environment.

This book is filled with romantic tension between Alaska and Pudge that’ll keep you from putting the book down. As the teens go through the motions of daily school- work and night time fun, the reader sees the realities that are consistently being dumped into the plot. This novel isn’t just another teenage YA book that has no surprise factor: it is more suspenseful, in large part due to the mystery of Alaska Young’s past, her thoughts, and why she does what she does.

John Green accurately illustrates the life of teens as a collective. Whether or not it exactly represents every teen is questionable, and probably unrealistic, everyone can find a piece of themselves in this inspiring tale of searching for your own ‘Great Perhaps’.