Review: Cinderella (2015)


Valerie Gregorio, Senior Staff Writer

The Cinderella live action 2015 movie came out March 13, 2015. It is similar to the 1950 version of the movie, but with some twists. The story of the movie starts out with Ella, who was played by Lily James, and she is a girl with a kind heart. She loved her father and mother dearly. When her mother died, her father married Lady Tremaine, her stepmother. Lady Tremaine has two daughters, Drisella and Anastasia. They acted all nice to Ella until the day her father died during his business trip away from home. Lady Tremaine fired all of the servants in the household and forced Ella to do all of the chores. When Ella and her family were invited to the ball hosted by the Kingdom, they became excited. On the day of the ball, when they were about to leave, Ella’s family ruined her dress that she made herself. Frustrated that she could not go due to her ruined dress, her fairy godmother appeared. Her fairy godmother made her a new dress and a carriage so she can go to the ball. At the ball, she danced with the prince of her dreams.

The movie overall was beautiful as a live action. The sceneries were beautiful and I love the characters’ personalities, which were established well. The costumes were well coordinated and fits the setting of the movie, which took place on a beautiful estate in the kingdom. I love the movie’s message “to have courage” because even if the situation that you are going through is difficult, you need to have courage to make it through. In my opinion, the movie was definitely similar to the 1950 version since both of them have the same storyline and happy endings.

There were differences between this movie and the 1950 version. In the live action movie, Ella preserves her parent’s memories by staying at house instead of running away. Her mother is shown and that they have a strong relationship with each other. Her mother is the reason she keeps on going in situations. In the 1950 version, her mother was hardly ever mention. The prince in the live action has a real name instead of Prince Charming. He also more in depth as he was dealing with his sick father, worrying about his future for the kingdom, and falling for Ella’s kindness instead of her beauty when they met in the forest. In the 1950 version, he was first seen at the ball and fell for Cinderella’s beauty. Lady Tremaine is more social, clever, and emotional as she dealt with the loss of two husbands, threatens the grand duke to make her a countess, and threw parties. Also when Ella met her fairy godmother, she was clearly shocked since she did not believe that she existed. In the 1950 version, that was not the case. Overall, the differences showed that the Cinderella live action movie made improvements from the 1950 version.

I do recommend this movie since it still captures the old tale of Cinderella. The Disney feel of this movie is still there. It is still great for kids, even if some of them have not seen the 1950 version. There are moments that the audience will remember and the message of the movie is good for the kids. Like Maleficent, it can become one of those classical live action movies that will last for generations.