Big Hero 6: Going for the Big Time


Valerie Gregorio, Senior Staff Writer

Big Hero 6, which came out November 7, 2014, follows Hiro, a 14 year old prodigy, who lives in San Fransokyo with his older brother Tadashi, who attends San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Tadashi thinks his brother is wasting his time participating in robot fights so he takes him to his robotics lab at his university. Hiro meets Tadashi’s friends Fred, GoGo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and his personal healthcare robot, Baymax. When a dangerous event happens to Tadashi and a masked villain appears, it is up to Hiro, Baymax, Fred, Wasabi, GoGo, and Honey Lemon to come together and form a high tech super-hero team.

The movie overall was well thought out and the characters were likable. Even though it is related to Marvel, it still has that Disney feel. The fact that they use the robotics aspect of it makes it more interesting than the superhero aspect. I like the setting of San Fransokyo since it was a unique place where many action pack scenes happened. I also like the relationship between Hiro and Baymax because of how developed it was and that Baymax was more of a big brother figure to Hiro rather than a persona healthcare robot. Baymax is just like Hiro’s brother, Tadashi, as both of them care for Hiro.

I asked Daniel Johnson, a LHS senior, about what he thought about Big Hero 6 and he said, “It is entertaining for the whole family since it balances out what attracts to kids, teenagers, and adults. I consider the movie to be very memorable.”

If you want to watch a movie that is funny, action pack, and has superhero characters, then this is the movie for you. You will never get bored as it the story keeps on going and has a good message behind it. The entire family can enjoy Hiro, Baymax, and all of their other friends as they battle on the big screen. This movie can become a Disney legend just like Frozen, but better.