Lincoln: History Come to Life


Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln

Daniel Buckley, Sophomore Staff Writer

President Lincoln was one of greatest presidents. This film reenacts the events that made Lincoln a bold and memorable president.

Although I didn’t find Lincoln intriguing, Daniel Day-Lewis was fantastic as Lincoln. Lincoln was full of political insults, trash talk, and drama. There was a great amount of tension between Lincoln, his cabinet, congress and his family. The movie illustrates how hard of a job it is to be the president; It is even harder when the nation is in a civil war. In order to save the nation from slavery, Lincoln had to pass the 13th amendment. There was much polarization in the political parties during the 1800s an this leads to arguing and drama around the ratification of the 13th amendment. Tom J. Finkelston says, “Lincoln creates exciting scenarios without fighting and gory scenes.” If you enjoy politics and the history of our nation, then you will enjoy Lincoln.