“Wreck-It Ralph”



Jennifer Brown, Senior Staff Writer

Wreck-It Ralph is a new, funny, children’s movie that just released about the struggle of a “bad guy” in a video game called “Fix It Felix!” He knows that no one loves the bad guy, so he attempts to prove everyone in his game and all the other games wrong and that he is a hero, by winning a medal. Ralph enters a shooting game in hopes of earning his very own medal, but because he is a large man with massive hands, he soon wrecks everything and releases a virus throughout all the games. His only hope to save the arcade from mass destruction is a young girl named Vanellope, also known as “glitch”. Watch the movie to find out if Ralph is able to save the whole arcade from being shut down.

This movie has the viewer constantly laughing out loud. Even though it is considered a children’s movie, it is a great movie for all ages. When senior Carrie Baumgartner was asked how she felt about the movie, Wreck-It Ralph, she responded, “I loved the movie so much. I laughed my butt off. I was kind of on the fence before watching it because it was supposed to be a kid’s movie, but it was such a good movie. I’m glad I saw it and I would recommend it to everyone no matter their age!” When senior Collin McDevitt was asked if he enjoyed the movie, he responded, “That movie was awesome. It was so funny. My favorite part was when Vanellope said ‘I wrap myself in candy wrappers like a little homeless lady.’”