“007 Skyfall”



Daniel Buckley, Sophomore Staff Writer

“007 Skyfall”Skyfall is a great movie about an ex-MI6 agent, Silva, who is trying to get revenge on the director of the agency, M. Silva has a lot of anger with the agency and who seeks revenge because he was traded. He has been planning for a long time and now he will execute his master plan. Together James Bond, Q, M and the rest of MI6 must stop this madman.

As always, this James Bond movie was fantastic! Daniel Craig is a great actor, among the best of the James Bond franchise. “The movie was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat!” said movie goer Dane Lemmon, who saw the movie opening night. The movie is always changing and Silva is a very dynamic character so you will always be surprised! If you are a James Bond fanatic, then you will surely not be disappointed with Skyfall.