“The Trouble with the Curve”


Kristi Perna, Sophomore Staff Writer

In this movie the Director was Robert Lorenz. The cast that played in Trouble with the Curve are Clint Eastwood playing as Gus, Amy Adams playing as Mickey, Justin Timberlake playing as Johnny, John Goodman playing as Pete, and Mathew Lillard playing as Phillip.

In this movie Gus, a talented baseball scout, is getting older and his job as a scout might be on the line. Pete, a family friend that works with Gus went to his daughter Mickey, a well earned lawyer about to get her partnership, to ask her if she would help out with her father because his sight wasn’t so good. Mickey and Gus haven’t had a good relationship growing up, with her mother dying at the age of six and him sending her to her aunt’s house, they weren’t really close. But because Mickey’s been growing up to knowing everything about baseball she helps her father out with picking certain people to take for their team. Everybody has something for the new guy, Bo Gentry, who seems to be an upcoming star for baseball but Gus sees something different from him. Later in the game they figure out that he has trouble for the curve ball but nobody sees the difference. It all comes down to whether they take Gus’ advice and pick somebody else for the position or they pick Phillips choice, Bo Gentry, because they think that Gus’ is too old to know any better.

After seeing this movie I asked student Steven Stillwell from Great Mills High School what his thoughts were and he said “It was a really good baseball movie, I would definitely watch it again!” This movie has an original story unlike most, and the ending of it is unexpected. The way the father and son bond, and the attractions between Mickey and Johnny make the movie have two stories in one! It’s the movie you can’t take your eyes off of! I would really recommend going to go see it!