“House at the End of the Street”



Daniel Buckley, Sophomore Staff Writer

There is much rumor around town after a young thirteen year-old girl, Carrie Anne Jacobson, slaughters her parents and is never found. Some think she drowned in a river, but many believe she still lives in the woods. House at the End of the Street is a story about a teenage girl named Elissa who moves into a house that is neighboring the Jacobson house.

Elissa does not like the popular kids at her new school. After leaving a party, Ryan Jacobson, the brother of Carrie Anne, picks up Elissa and takes her home. The two start hanging out and begin liking each other. As they becoming increasingly close to each other, Elissa finds out that Ryan has been hiding Carrie Anne in his basement. But that’s not the only thing she finds out!

While most horror films don’t have a good storyline, House at the End of the Street had a good storyline and a few unexpected twists. There is also a little romance going on between Ryan and Elissa, although it is a horror film. As Tom Repasi said, “This movie was so scary that I wanted to stop watching it but I couldn’t…it was just so good!” So if you like dramatic, horror-filled romances then you will get your money’s worth on this movie.