Jordan Dunn, Senior Reviews Writer

Looking for something to do this weekend? Well if you’re into over the top action packed movies with lots of explosions, killing, and funny one-liners; then Lockout is the movie for you…although you will have to go out of your way to see it, because it’s only shown in select theaters. I had to go to Annapolis to see it. Was it worth it? Yeah, but it’s not a movie I’d take someone on a date with.
Lockout starts out with a guy called Snow in an interrogating room getting the crap kicked out of him as he makes jokes about the interrogators wife. When he’s done cracking jokes, Snow then goes on and tells what happened to him before he got arrested. The events of his story become a sub-plot for the rest of the movie.
The movie then shifts to a new character, a Ms. Emilie Warnock, who turns out to be the daughter of the president of the United States. She has traveled to MS-1, a space station which just happens to also be the world’s most secure maximum security prison. She is on a good will mission to see if the prisoners are being treated fairly. Unfortunately, a prisoner gets a gun that one of her bodyguards has and all hell breaks loose. In order to save the president’s daughter, one man will have to infuriate the prison; and you can probably guess who they send in. Snow agrees to save Emilie to shorten his sentence in jail, but he has other plans. The only way to prove his innocence is if he finds his friend Mace and Mace is on MS-1.
The rest of the movie has Snow and Emilie doing everything they can to escape from MS-1 and of course a small romance is formed between the two of them. But that’s enough spoilers. Don’t want to give away the whole movie now, do we? If you want to know the rest you’ll just have to see the movie for yourself.
After the movie, I got to interview one of the few people in the theater with me. His name was Patrick, and he heard from a friend that it was a good movie. For the most part both Patrick and I agree that it was a great movie. He told me his favorite character was the leader of the prisoners and he liked the plot twists they put in periodically. Then Patrick said “I didn’t hate the ending, but did they have to making it so ridiculously over the top and stupid?” Over all Lockout was a good movie and I’d give it a ‘B-.’
But that’s all I have for you today everybody. Until next time, this is Jordan Dunn signing off.