Mirror, Mirror

Photo Credit: Google Images

Elisa Mattingly, Sophomore Reviews Writer

“Mirror, mirror on the wall”… this movie is this fairy tale’s downfall. Mirror Mirror tells the classic tale of Snow White but with many random, irksome twists. With the exception of a very handsome Prince Charming, this remake will disappoint fans of the original story of Snow White, not only because of the annoying story twists but also because of the rather dull and predictable plot line.
Mirror Mirror follows the story of poor Snow White, a young girl whose father was mysteriously killed, leaving her to live with her evil stepmother. This is seemingly the classic tale we all know and love but only after a few minutes, it is obvious that this is not the same story. The facts that Snow meets the gorgeous prince at the beginning of the story right after most of his clothes had been stolen, a scene that might just make the movie worth watching, and the legendary seven dwarves are bandits that rob carriages passing through the ominous forest, are just a few changes that ruin this story. Just the few changes made in the first twenty minutes of the movie are enough to make you want to flinch. Even though the added girl power element gave Snow White a cool, independent vibe, the movie’s plot changes made the story a lot less enjoyable.
“The movie ruined the whole Snow White story. It took out a lot of the best parts,” junior Wally Lent said. The infamous poison apple played an unimportant, miniscule role, an enchanted dragon kept popping up, and the beloved seven dwarves were selfish criminals; it was most definitely not the story people grew up enjoying. That thought aside, it might be the perfect family-friendly film because it is great for younger kids. It is obvious that the intended audience is the group of children under ten years old who are not as familiar with the original Snow White story.
“Girls will like it because of the hot guy and kids will love it too,” freshman McKenzie Schneider said. These are most likely the only reasons anyone would go to see this film: a boy, and ignorance of how much better the original fairy tale is. Fans of Snow White will be disappointed and even a little angry at the pointless and unexpected changes made to a classic that was good as it was. The fact that this movie was rather bad poses the obvious question: Do we really need to keep remaking movies when the originals were already amazing? The answer to that question is obvious once you see this movie.