War Horse Review

Photo Credit: globalanimal.org

Gabby Tancredi, Sophomore A&E Reviews Writer

War Horse tells the tale of true friendship and devotion; the scene is set in England and Europe during the First World War.
The story begins with Joey, a spirited young colt separated from his mother at an auction; he is bought by a farmer. When the farmer takes young Joey back to his farm he meets Albert. The young boy will raise and train him to become a great horse.
But then the war began, and Albert’s farther sells Joey to the military in order to save his farm. Albert is heartbroken when he finds his friend taken away, but is promised by the man who took Joey, “if I can, I will return him to your care.”
Joey gets thrown into the life of a military horse. Going between the English and the Germans, Joey enchants and teaches everyone he meets the meaning of strength and courage and again the war changes Joey’s life.
Albert and Joey are the true picture of friendship. They were split and tested by war and bound by the friendship they share.
This movie is based of the book written by Michael Morpurgo. The movie actually follows the book really well.
I personally think the book was great, but the movie was even better. I interviewed sophomore student Megan Wood “thought the movie was good, and had a great story line. The movie followed the book really well.” Having read it myself, and seen the movie, I agree with Megan.