What does it take to get over heartbreak?

Photo Credit: iplus4u2.blogspot.com

Taylor Steingold, Sophomore Arts and Entertainment Reviews Writer

What does it take to get over heartbreak? Standing tall, Singer/songwriter/ Pianist/Guitarist/performer Christina Perri intuitively knows the answer, as her successful newest album Lovestrong takes off. This album is a true, healing, 5 star reviver. Every song on the album is originated by she, herself.
What is so brilliant about Perri is that the fact she is so new to fame, already has the ability to release her first album and be in the top charts. That I believe is true talent. But before she even released her first album Lovestrong, she came out with many hit singles such as the admirable song “Arms”. I absolutely adore this song… it is truly a rhythm everyone can relax and just think to. If I were to choose my #1 favorite, there is no doubt that I would choose “Arms”. Another single she recently released in 2011 was the song “A Thousand Years,” soon to be presented in the movie Twilight- Breaking Dawn. After seeing the previous movies, I would assert that her tone of voice is perfect for the movie! I think anyone could relate to her love songs. She’s a typical girl with talent who has been through much like everyone has. Christina Perri mentioned that the only time she can actually sit down and write a song is when something really meaningful just happened to her, good or depressing. You may think her songs are all sad-pitched, but if you listen carefully, they are so much more! I love how her songs are so easy on guitar and piano too. If any of you guys have an ear and taste for music I suggest her music for sure. If you have not already, go check out Christina Perri’s sweet music now! You won’t regret it. That is a promise from me!