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“It’s my favorite place around.”


As far as restaurants in town go, Texas Roadhouse is the new kid on the block. The location this restaurant is in sets high standards for it, a good reputation would be expected going into Texas Roadhouse.

One of the first things I noticed when I walked in the restaurant was their selection of fresh steaks and other various meats kept in a freezer in the front. The manager explained to me that this is so “the customer can choose exactly what they want, and there is no confusion on what they’re getting.” This feature definitely helps make this restaurant original. The service was very fast, and there was no wait to be seated on a Sunday evening; a feat which is hard to find in most restaurants!

When we got to our seat, things became less impressive. There had been a big spill of something on the floor, and there were several other seats available for us to sit at. This appeared to be not only unsanitary but a safety inconvenience. The bathrooms were also not as clean as they should’ve been. When the waiter got to our table, however, my opinion towards Texas Roadhouse took a turn.

The waitress that served my family and me was very friendly and time efficient. He did his job well, and seemed to bring us everything as soon as he could. “Good, fast service!” said one of the customers I interviewed. He was one half of a young couple, and it was their first visit to Texas Roadhouse. They were very, very pleased with it.

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As far as menu diversity, Texas Roadhouse would score a 5 out of 10. They did have a specific Western theme, with décor of deer heads and fish on the wall, and their menu reflected such.  Within the theme, though, they had a wide variety for selection. On the menu you can find many different salads to choose from, ribs, different types of chicken, country styled meals, and different desserts. The meals, however, were huge portions; you couldn’t tell by the price, but compared to the meal size, the prices are very reasonable.

            When I got my food, the chicken breast was shaped as a heart. I thought this was unique and cute, and when I pointed this out to the waitress who brought us our food, she said “It’s because we care!”            

In terms of entertainment, not only is there the diverse décor, but there was line dancing and country music to set the friendly atmosphere.

Overall, I would give this restaurant 9 out of 10.  For the competitive location they’re faced with, Texas Roadhouse does fairly well.

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