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2016-2017 Staff

Theophane Cotsonas

Staff Writer

Theo Cotsonas. Senior. Leonardtown Lax and Swimming. Advocate against the senseless killings of gorillas in captivity. Future Jeopardy world champion. I do outdoorsy stuff from time to time.

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Haley O'Reagan

Staff Writer

Howdy y'all I'm Haley. I love dogs, carbs, sports, and myself. I hate losing. That's about it! xoxo

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Nikolas Mathias-Collins

Staff Writer

I gotta dollar and a dream, thats all i really got so if its bout that green then im all up in the spot ayye

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Megan Mattei

Staff Writer

Hi there! I’m Megan and I’m the tech editor here at The Imprint. As a senior at Leonardtown, being a part of the journalism team is a reason why my last year here is the best one yet! I love keeping up to date with the latest...

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Isaiah Eubanks

Staff Writer

My name is Isaiah Eubanks but you can call me Zay. Im the one and only senior that traps at Chik-fil-a. Catch me in the morning bringing the news your way, and if you have time stop by to say hey.

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Alyssa Nason

Staff Writer

What's good? My name is Alyssa, you can call me Lyss. Don't wanna hear no rapping, dont wanna hear no diss. You can catch me on LTV, it airs in 6th.

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Gabrielle Nelson

Staff Writer

Hey there! My name is Gabby, I pretty much laugh at everything, so get ready for a year full of jokes and fun times on LTV. I hope you're ready for an amazing time this year watching LTV.

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Michael Miles

Staff Writer

Hi friends! I'm Michael and I love all things bougie and bougier. I'm thankful for all of my fans and I am looking forward to a fun-filled school year! Love you all and best wishes!

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Isabelle Ashby

Staff Writer

Hi there! My name is Izzy, I'm a junior. I have a deep passion for writing, art, books, and music. I hope to pursue video editing in the future.

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Cara Correll

Staff Writer

Cara Correll here! I'm a junior with a real passion for dark chocolate, volleyball and tennis. Fajitas are pretty rad too.

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Jason Ferris

Head Editor

I am Jason Ferris, finally a senior here at Leonardtown High School and after years of juggling the workload of GIS, extra-curriculars and, to date, a year-and-a-half long capstone project, I still find time to write because,...

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Melodie Abell

Staff Writer

Melodie Abell, a sophomore. I have no clue what I aspire to do, but I know I love the journalism world so when I'm not doodling on the blank pages of my notebook, I'm writing in it. :*)

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Julia Webster

Staff Writer

My name is Julia Webster and I'm a senior. I love penguins, dragons and books. My dream is to become a cool librarian and travel the world.

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Katharine Cognard-Black

Staff Writer

Hello, I am LHS Senior Katharine Cognard-Black. I love theater, literature and most of all Shakespeare. I have a passion for writing poetry, presenting, and consuming coffee. Yet the most important thing about me is the fact that...

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Josie Brodfuehrer

Staff Writer

Hi I'm Josie!  If I'm no where to be found I'm either doing homework, laxing, golfing, or improving my infallibility!  Catch me in the white house in 2036!

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Joy Deitrich

Staff Writer

Joy Deitrich. Senior. Bball. Lax. Chillin. Plays some mean violin and guitar.

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Regan Walker

Staff Writer

My name is Regan Walker, I'm a Senior and I enjoy Journalism as well as writing. After Graduation I will attend college to study Broadcast Journalism.

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Here to inform you, inspire you, and educate you every single day.