15 Facts You Didn’t Know about LHS

Leonardtown Photo

Allison Guy, Sophomore Staff Writer
April 14, 2015

  How much do you know about our school? You hopefully know its colors, blue and white, and that its mascot is the raider. But do you know what year the school was founded? Do you know if there are any famous alumni from Leonardtown High School, or what changes the school has gone through since... Read more »

Sleep is for the Weak!….and Those Out of Adolescence

Casey Bacon, Staff Editor
February 23, 2015

We’ve all been there: the alarm goes off at 6:00 on a Tuesday morning, and all you want to do is unplug the alarm and send it flying across the room, turn over and fall back asleep. Instead, you get up and trudge through your morning routine to make it to the bus stop in time to head off to school... Read more »

Acceptance of Diversity

GSA Article Image

Thiana Suarez, Senior Staff Writer
February 23, 2015

Students in Leonardtown High School have and make many friends. They talk about their day, mention stressful tests, or just hang out. But some are shy to make friends in school. If students are willing to be friends with a diverse group of people yet feel shy, where should they go for friendship and... Read more »

Unlock Your Holiday Spirit with Key Club

Gingerbread house 1 from Key Club

Thiana Suarez, Senior Staff Writer
December 17, 2014

The holidays are coming and the weather is getting colder.  To help others keep out of the frigid temperatures and stay warm, Leonardtown High School’s Key Club is working to collect holiday donations.  Key club is held in at room F14 in Mr. Bloch’s room after school from 2:45pm to 3:30pm on every... Read more »

Winter Sports Preview

Winter Sports Preview Photo 1

Brandon Schultz and Shane Martin, Senior Staff Writers
December 12, 2014

With the Fall sports season fully at a close, the winter season .  Leonardtown’s student athletes have been hard at work over the offseason, and are now looking to excel in a new year.  From our canvassing of players, we can tell that their energy is high, and their expectations for their own performance... Read more »

Death with Dignity

Death With Dignity

Casey Bacon, Junior Staff Editor
December 9, 2014

“… Men at some times are the masters of their fates./ The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars/ But in ourselves…” Shakespeare’s grandiloquent and sage words written over four hundred years ago about the matter of destiny being within the reach of our own control, not some abstract, uncontrollable... Read more »

Terrific Teen Read Week

Book Fair

Thiana Suarez, Senior Staff Writer
December 9, 2014

For the first time ever,  Leonardtown High School is bringing in Teen Read Week.  To celebrate the arrival of this amazing week the book fair, the book club, and hot chocolates during lunches are all being offered.  Teen Read is in the Leonardtown High School library for students to buy new books... Read more »

It’s One of Those First Fridays

The Hot Toddies perform at Leonardtown First Fridays

Daniel Rosales-Hu, Senior Staff Writer
October 21, 2014

First Friday: an event that brings attention to the public to downtown Leonardtown. It’s an event where people gather and just hang out with friends and have fun on the first Friday every month. This event is  a chance for Leonardtown’s local businesses to promote themselves within this event... Read more »

Schools, schools everywhere! How Will You Decide?

A sign outside the college fair showing the slogan for the event.

Angel Higgs, Senior Staff Writer
September 30, 2014

For juniors and seniors, college is right around the corner and many people probably don’t have a list of colleges they want to go to, what scholarships they’re applying for, or possibly don’t even know what they need to know or do before applying for colleges! So in short amount of time how are... Read more »

New Apple Products

English teacher Ms. Wogman uses her new iPhone 6.

Juli Bennett, Sophomore Staff Writer
September 29, 2014

  I don’t know if there is anyone who doesn’t know what Apple is, but if you don’t, it is the massively popular electronics company behind products such as the iPhone, and Mac computer. Recently they have released some new products, causing buzz all over the world. One of Apple’s new products... Read more »

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