Senioritis – What Is It Like at LHS?

Valerie Gregorio, Senior Staff Writer
April 14, 2015

We are already in the second semester of senior year at LHS people. Many seniors are suffering from a disease called “senioritis.” If you do not know what senioritis is already, then you should know right now. Senioritis is a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Signs and symptoms... Read more »

There’s Never Enough Time to Do All the Nothing You Want – or, Is There?

Stress Relief Article Images

Casey Bacon, Junior Staff Editor
April 14, 2015

Well, okay, we admit: maybe not. But, there are ways to combat the daily stresses that begin to pile up and can begin to bog down your successes, goals, happiness, and general sanity. From a California Sutter Health study conducted on over a hundred adolescents, a whopping 55% report that they receive... Read more »

15 Facts You Didn’t Know about LHS

Leonardtown Photo

Allison Guy, Sophomore Staff Writer
April 14, 2015

  How much do you know about our school? You hopefully know its colors, blue and white, and that its mascot is the raider. But do you know what year the school was founded? Do you know if there are any famous alumni from Leonardtown High School, or what changes the school has gone through since... Read more »

A Gift for LTV

Marcus Williams, Senior Staff Writer
April 14, 2015

When students enter the LTV room, they immediately get started on their morning rituals. First, the script has to be written, including the weather, the lunch menu, any Raider sports’ activities, and any other happenings at Leonardtown High. Next, the camera and mics are set up and the anchors bring... Read more »

Sleep is for the Weak!….and Those Out of Adolescence

Casey Bacon, Staff Editor
February 23, 2015

We’ve all been there: the alarm goes off at 6:00 on a Tuesday morning, and all you want to do is unplug the alarm and send it flying across the room, turn over and fall back asleep. Instead, you get up and trudge through your morning routine to make it to the bus stop in time to head off to school... Read more »

Acceptance of Diversity

GSA Article Image

Thiana Suarez, Senior Staff Writer
February 23, 2015

Students in Leonardtown High School have and make many friends. They talk about their day, mention stressful tests, or just hang out. But some are shy to make friends in school. If students are willing to be friends with a diverse group of people yet feel shy, where should they go for friendship and... Read more »

SAT vs ACT: Which One to Take?

Valerie Gregorio, Senior Staff Writer
February 6, 2015

The SAT and the ACT are both college entrance exams that are required for college admissions. Usually students take either one of them or both twice. They take it during the spring of their junior year and again during the fall of their senior year. Colleges will accept either exams. If you want to know... Read more »

How to Lend a Hand

Interact Club photo 2 playing a game (800x600)

Thiana Suarez, Senior Staff Writer
January 7, 2015

Interact Club is a club that brings together different students from different countries and cultures. It also helps the community by donating school supplies to students who can’t afford them like a pencil pouch drive. Every first and third Monday at after school until 4:00 pm, Interact club is open... Read more »

Senioritis: The Eventual Fight for the Cure

Senioritis Article Photo 1

Valerie Gregorio, Senior Staff Writer
January 6, 2015

We are getting to that point of the year where many seniors are finishing up college applications and receiving acceptances already. Once second semester starts, many of them will have already made decisions about where they are going after high school. They might tell themselves that they are done... Read more »

Unlock Your Holiday Spirit with Key Club

Gingerbread house 1 from Key Club

Thiana Suarez, Senior Staff Writer
December 17, 2014

The holidays are coming and the weather is getting colder.  To help others keep out of the frigid temperatures and stay warm, Leonardtown High School’s Key Club is working to collect holiday donations.  Key club is held in at room F14 in Mr. Bloch’s room after school from 2:45pm to 3:30pm on every... Read more »

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