Meet Your New Teachers! Q&A


Promise Morgan, Sophomore Staff Writer

Hey there Raiders! Meet some of the teachers that are new to our school this year including Ms. Stephenson, Mrs. Dyson, Ms. Meny, Mr. Page, and Ms. O’Toole. You’d be very surprised to learn some of the very interesting things our teachers do, boxing, back-packing across continents, and even living without electricity in Costa Rica! Read on to figure out what other surprising things our new teachers do!


Question: Is this your first year teaching? If not, how long have you been teaching and at what schools have you taught? 


Ms. Stephenson – 10 years– 3 at EMS followed by 7 at GMHS

Mrs. Dyson – This is my 17th year teaching.  I started in Baltimore County at Woodlawn HS and have been at GMHS for the last 15 years.

Ms. Meny – I have taught for over 15 years. I first taught at the University of Maryland, College Park, then at Benjamin Tasker Middle School in Bowie, MD, then at Esperanza Middle School.

Mr. Page – Yes, this is my 1st year of teaching. I student-taught at Capital City Public Charter School in the Manor Park neighborhood of the Washington, D.C.

Ms. O’Toole –  This is my 21st year of teaching, I have taught at Great Mills High School, Esperanza Middle School and worked at the Board of Education as an Instructional Resource Teacher for the Department of Special Education. I also work as an adjunct instructor for the College of Southern Maryland teaching English 1010.  Prior to moving to Maryland in 2004 I was a Special Education for a regional program for students with Autism in an Elementary School.  


Question: What grade and subject do you teach? 


Ms. Stephenson – ELA grades 10 and 12

Mrs. Dyson – 9-10th, Biology

Ms. Meny – 9/10 – Honors Biology

Mr. Page – 12th Grade English (College and AP)

Ms. O’Toole – I teach Academic Literacy and Co-teach Core Algebra and Study Skills.


Question: So far, do you like it here at LHS? What do you like the most? 


Ms. Stephenson – I like it! I have had a great time getting to know the students and watching how the student population interacts as a whole. For the most part, people are very kind and respectful, and that’s really great to see.

Mrs. Dyson – Yes.  Everyone has been very nice and welcoming. I like seeing all the school spirit and Raider Strong activities. I also LOVE my shorter commute.

Ms. Meny – Everyone really has a positive vibe and seems willing to help everyone else.

Mr. Page – Yes, I do like it here at LHS. What I like the most is the sense of community.

Ms. O’Toole – I love, love it here!  The atmosphere is so positive of both students and staff.  As a teacher new to this building I appreciate how welcoming the staff were.  I also appreciate how administration has everything so organized, well planned out as well and how well everything is  communicated.


Question: What are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? 


Ms. Stephenson – I like to read (I know that’s shocking coming from an English teacher). I like to work out, and spend time outside and try new things– I’m on a mission to get more stamps in my National Parks passport!

Mrs. Dyson – Cooking, Gardening, Traveling, anything outside, Being a mom and wife, Spending time with friends and family

Ms. Meny –  In my spare time, I like to travel, hike, kayak and go to sporting events. However, since I have two 4 year olds and a 2 year old at home, I don’t have a lot of “free time.”

Mr. Page – Like a lot of millennials, I like to read books, watch movies / shows, listen to music, and play video games. When I am not teaching, I run an arts website with my brother and his girlfriend. I am the Poetry Editor of that website as well as a contributor.

Ms. O’Toole – My hobby is buying and refinishing furniture.  In my free time I enjoy going to the beach, concerts, watching football and my 9th grade daughter playing volleyball and tennis.


Question: Do you have any fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share? Something crazy you’ve done? Have you ever been skydiving, for example. 


Ms. Stephenson – I’m a boxer! I’ve been taking boxing for about a year and a half and have gotten to box with former and current students, which is pretty fun.

Mrs. Dyson – I took a couple months and backpacked Europe with a friend after college.  I was also a Park Ranger for 3 years before I began teaching.

Ms. Meny – I love being outside and I once spent a week in a treehouse in the rainforest in Costa Rica without running water or electricity. It was pretty amazing!

Mr. Page – I am originally from California and have lived in many places around the world including the U.K. My paternal family came to the U.S. through Fort Kent, ME which is the origin of U.S1. The family’s house is now a bed-and-breakfast up there.

Ms. O’Toole – I was born and raised in Texas am a loyal Cowboys fan.  


Wow! LHS got some really new, cool teachers this year.