Super Bowl Commercials

Kate McKay, Sophomore Staff Writer

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Everyone hates commercials. They take up time and annoyingly interrupt your shows or movies. But something changes on Super Bowl sunday. The commercials are suddenly interesting to watch, and are no longer a burden. They become little shows of their own. This is most likely because brands know how many people will be watching on this special day for America. It’s even been estimated that on the monday after the Super Bowl, 17.2 million people will not go to work. By the time you are reading this, the Super Bowl Champions are already wearing their rings and celebrating their victory. Which means you have probably already seen this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Whether it’s Budweiser, Doritos, Pepsi, Ford or the newest home security system, it will be superior to all other commercials throughout the year.


Now here is a list of my favorite super bowl commercials of all time


  1. My first super bowl commercial has been voted on by america and chosen as the best Super Bowl commercial, Budweiser “ The Lamb Streaker.”
  2. Doritos “Magic Ball”
  3. Budweiser “Best Buds”(definitely the cutest)
  4. Kia “Many Names”
  5. Heinz “Weiner Stampede”
  6. Volkswagen “The Force”
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