Incoming freshmen? Here are some helpful tips!

September 10, 2015


Coming in as a freshman can be difficult. You are experiencing new things that you have never seen before. High school is totally different than middle school: people are going to change and your classes are going to get harder. Seniors here at Leonardtown- who have gone through the same things three years ago as the incoming class are currently going through or will in the near future- were asked for advice that they would give to the class of 2019. Some of the most repeated advice includes:

1. “Don’t blink.”

High school goes by faster than you can imagine. It may seem slow at some times, but when you look back, things fly by. A lot of seniors can still remember (and still feel like) their first day of freshman year like it was yesterday.

2. “Don’t think it’s a joke.”

A lot of students go into high school to goof off, thinking that sure, high school is a mandatory thing but that doesn’t mean I have to pay attention in order to get through it. By the end of high school, however, most in that mindset regret that decision. What you are thinking when you first enter is likely to be different than what you are on your last year of high school. And that’s okay: people change. Although it’s a scary thing, change can- and often does- prove to be for the better.

3. “Take advantage of all opportunities given to you.”

The LHS community is filled with people who are here to help you, from staff to fellow students. They present you with the opportunities that they do for just that reason. Don’t throw away the chances that are given to you, because they’re only to better you and they might not come around again.

4. “Don’t sleep in class, pay attention.”

Paying attention is the biggest thing you can do. Teachers don’t teach for themselves, they do it for you to learn the information. Don’t waste their time and yours: give them the respect they deserve and listen. You might just learn something in the process.

5. “Don’t go to the third floor.”

Upperclassmen say this thinking that they’re funny. (Don’t worry, most of us fall for it sometime or another when we first start here.) Keep your ten bucks for that’s asked for that pool pass. There is no third floor, and no pool. There never has been, likely never will be.

6. “Get involved with sports and clubs: the more people you know, the better experience.”

When you are involved with activities, things are far more pleasant for you and will help to heighten your overall experience. There are a BUNCH of great activities that the school provides, from sports to clubs to electives to suit practically every interest. With that in mind, you’re nearly guaranteed to not only find something you enjoy, but make friends with that same common interest in the process.

7. “Take Global Diplomacy.”

This class teaches you a lot about the world, as well as giving you valuable experiences that are sure to carry over into future classes. You learn so much in taking the course, and according to all those who have taken it, it’s one of the more interesting that are offered at the school. If you’re able to take it in future years, do yourself a favor and do so.

8. “Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway.”

Basic courtesy 1.0.1, people. Upper classmen (and everyone else) hate when you clog up the halls, especially with huge groups. Everyone is trying to get to where they’re going within the 5 minutes given- no one wants or needs to have to wait because you have something to tell a friend right now, right this second! They most likely will say something mean or push you over if this is some repeated offense- or you catch them on a bad day- so for the sake of everyone, try not to stand in the middle of the hallway.

9. “Be proactive.”

Planning, planning, planning.

Planning out what it is that you’re going to do to keep you on track as you do so. Whether it be your after-school activities or the 7-classes worth of homework every night, on top of future projects or tests or plans that are given one to two months in advance: you’re going to have a lot of stuff to keep track of, and you’re going to forget things if you don’t stay organized. If you want to avoid that- which you will- know what you need to do and make sure you know well in advance to keep you geared towards that.

10. “Live it up, and try new things.”

You are supposed to enjoy high school. It is nothing but exacly what you make out of it. Have fun and try new things, even if they scare you. Take it seriously, but know how to have fun. And don’t let little things tear you down, because hey, most of what happens now won’t be remembered in the next 10 years. Take a breath, remember that life is going to go on- whatever happens today- and try your best to make the most of all that comes your way everyday!

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