Limericks and Haikus

Limericks and Haikus

Graham Wilson, Senior Staff Writer

Pre-school poetry

That’s what I’m writing for you

I’m so so sorry


I give it my best

Effort without the results

Killing self-esteem


Making baby steps

The deeper I try to dive

The better it gets


No longer pre-school
First grade poems blossoming

A pretty flower


Excelling in class

Hard work truly paying off

Rays of sunlight shine


Long and bounding strides

Vocabulary expanding fast

Making masterpieces


Call me young Shakespeare

Words flowing through my vast mind

A sea of poetry


I don’t need membean

I’m my own dictionary

Word game is elite


I want to be a pirate bad

Because I am so very sad

I do love the sea

It’s a part of me

I hope my mom isn’t too mad


I took this girl out on a date

Would have picked her up half-past Eight

She did not show up

Tears could fill a cup

Now my heart is full of hate