The Imprint

  • Our LHS journalism team is devoted to delivering dependable news, promoting school spirit and entertaining the school community through engaging content. You can count on us to show what it takes to be a Raider!
  • We intend to serve the school’s community in an honest manner, embody the people of LHS, and be a pillar of news in our community.
  • We are Leonardtown High School!

2019-2020 Staff

Joseph Stanalonis

HI, Im Joe Stanalonis I am a Senior in high school and I love playing football, wrestling, and lacrosse. This is my first year on LTV and I hope to have fun this year sharing the news with all of my classmates!...

William Parillo

My name is Billy and I'm a sophomore at Leonardtown High School I play football for the school and this is my first year on the journalism team. I love good times and making snacks for my friends. Xoxo gossip bill. <3...

Abigail Norris

My name is Abi Norris and I am a junior this year at Leonardtown High School. I am a Varsity cheerleader for the school and this is my first year on the journalism team. I like to make my friends laugh, have a good time, and ch...

Maxwell Murray

My name is Maxwell and I am a junior at LHS. I like people and love to hang out with my friends. 

Peyton Island

I am a Junior In highschool and I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing with my puppies. I love my mom’s cooking, especially when she makes meatloaf and mash potatoes and corn.  This is my second year in journalism...

Laura Conway

My name is Laura Conway and I am a junior at LHS High School. This is my second year as the star LTV news anchor. I enjoy seeing my bestie for the restie Rhea Brown on screen and hanging out with my friends when I don’t have ...

Diego Buitrago

Hi, I’m Diego Buitrago and I’m a Junior at Leonardtown Highschool. I’m the LTV director and I’m the defensive end #34 for Leonardtown football. This is my first year and a half doing LHS’s journalism program and it’s s...

Rhea Brown

My name is Rhea Brown and I am a junior. This is my second year on the News Team, and I love it! I specialize in anchoring, but I’d say Im pretty versatile. Outside of school, I love to hang out with my friends, play instrumen...

Emily Carpenter

My name is Emily Carpenter and I am a senior at LHS. My primary role in the journalism program is head editor of the imprint at our school. This is my third year participating in the program and I would like this class to cont...

Kai VandenBos

I’m Kai, and I’m a senior here at LHS. This is my third and final year in journalism, and I want to go into the medical field as a career, preferrably as an ER doctor. I’m fairly nice once you get to know me, and I wish ...

Samantha Blottenberger

Hi, my name is Samantha Blottenberger or Sami Blotto for short. I am a senior this year, looking to go into nursing in college. I love going to the beach, reading, and playing sports. I'm also on the LHS Tennis team. ...

Cameron Willette

Hi, my name's Cameron, and I'm a senior here at Leonardtown who loves to play video games and write articles. I'm hoping to combine my passion for video games and journalism in my career someday.

Trent Wilkes

Hi my name is Trent Wilkes, and I’m a sophomore at LHS. I play baseball during the spring.  I have a passion for sports. In the future I would like to attend the University of Tampa or the University of Florida. During my free time...

Andrew Sukhram

Hey, my name Andrew Sukhram and I am a sophomore at LHS. I am part of the cross country team and run for both indoor and outdoor track. I always love to travel, eat, and try new things.

Jayden Rittle

Hi, my name is Jayden Rittle, I’m a sophomore at Leonardtown. I enjoy playing soccer and running track. I love to travel and I  want to major in forensic science or physical therapy.

Promise Morgan

Hi there, I’m Promise Morgan and I’m a sophomore at Ltown. I play lacrosse year round, including for our high school team. I love to edit, interview and do all journalistic things. In the future I hope to attend West Point col...

Samantha Abell

My name is Samantha Abell. I’m a sophomore at LHS and I play soccer year round for a club team, and in the fall I play for the school. My favorite subject in school is science, and I hope to continue studying it in college....

Ayana Leblans

My name is Ayana Leblans, and I’m a senior at LHS. In my free time I enjoy dancing, cooking, reading, and meeting new people. I haven’t decided what I want to do with the rest of my life yet, but I hope that it will involve...

Veronica Fernandez

Hi, I’m Veronica and I am a senior at LHS. I have a passion for travel and writing. Honestly, I’m just trying to go out into the world and learn as much as I can for the time being.

Cameron Ray

My name is Cameron Ray. I am a sophomore with a passion to program. I also enjoy robotics. My goal is to get through School and go to college at MIT.

Kaitlynn Zacher

Hi, my name is Kaitlynn Zacher! I’m a junior, and I want to go to an out-of-state college somewhere, and major in nursing or forensic science...I haven’t decided yet. And finally, I am the best story teller on the face of thi...

Hailey Stack

I am a senior with a passion for sports. I love to read and binge watch shows on Netflix. Just trying to get through high school to get through college.

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