The Imprint

  • Our LHS journalism team is devoted to delivering dependable news, promoting school spirit and entertaining the school community through engaging content. You can count on us to show what it takes to be a Raider!
  • We intend to serve the school’s community in an honest manner, embody the people of LHS, and be a pillar of news in our community.
  • We are Leonardtown High School!

2018-2019 Staff

Diego Buitrago

Hi, I’m Diego Buitrago and I’m a Junior at Leonardtown Highschool. I’m the LTV director and I’m the defensive end #34 for Leonardtown football. This is my first year and a half doing LHS’s journalism program and it’s s...

Peyton Island

HI, I'm Peyton Island and I am a sophomore in high school. I like to write and tell stories. I would like to get a good experience in journalism this year.

Markayla Hollins

My name is Markayla Hollins, I am a sophomore. I love taking photos and editing them, as well as singing and dancing. I would love to get better writing skills and photography skills out of my journalism experience.

Rhea Brown

My name is Rhea Brown and I am a sophomore. I love to read, write, and play a variety of instruments. I'm excited for journalism this year and all the skills it will teach me :)

Kyleigh Garner

My name is Kyleigh Garner, I am a senior who enjoys playing with my beagle mix Maci and binge watching Netflix original shows and movies. After high school, I want to become a teacher for those little 2nd grade monsters and ho...

Drake Thomas

My name is Drake Thomas and I am a Junior here at LHS. This is my second year on the journalism crew.  I enjoy meeting and interacting with new people and telling news about the community to the people of the communi...

Savanna Dent

I am Savanna Dent. I am planing on attending CSM for two years and then I will transfer to Old Dominion University. I do Model United Nations. In the future, I would like to work in the United Nations as the High Commissioner...

Emily Carpenter

My name is Emily Carpenter, and I am the head editor for the LHS imprint. I enjoy writing and utilizing my writing skills as a form of expression and communication. I hope to use my skills in writing and English in order to study...

Josh Moody

My name is Josh Moody and I am a senior here at Leonardtown High School. This is my second year on the journalism crew. I like to report about and write articles based on sports. I chose to take journalism because I one day hope...

Kabir Bains-Shepard

My name is Kabir Shepard and I'm a senior at Leonardtown High School. This is my first year in the journalism class. I one day hope to use these skills to become a sports anchor.

Daelyn Funk

Daelyn is an aspiring journalist, writer, and actress. She is extremely passionate about both the stage and the screen. She hopes to one day to work fora professional magazine or newspaper as well as earn a role on Broadway (or...

Kaitlynn Zacher

Hi my name is Kaitlynn. I love to watch Netflix, hang out with friends, be involved, see family, and make people happy and laugh with my unique sense of humor! I plan to go to Rutgers University, because that school is bomb.

Kate McKay

My name is Kate McKay, I'm a sophomore and I love to play volleyball, hang out with my friends, and sleep. I want to go to the University of Maryland and get my doctorate in psychology.

Laura Conway

My name is Laura Conway and I'm a sophomore here at LHS. I enjoy dancing ballet, singing, eating sweets and watching hallmark movies.

Kennedy Walker

My name is Kennedy Walker. I am a sophomore this year at LHS. I enjoy writing, singing, hanging out with friends and family, helping others, reading, and watching movies. My love for writing and singing has led me to become a...

Graham Wilson

My name is Graham Wilson, I'm a senior who plays football and I enjoy movies, my family, and talking to other people. ...

Nylasia Kelly

I’m Nylasia Kelly. I’m in the class of 2019. I like to absorb school spirit as well as being apart of making it. I hope to experience the best of all four years this year. I plan to attend college and study business. My goals...

Annalise Woolford

My name is Annalise Woolford, and I like my dogs, cats, and ducks. I also enjoy spending way too much money on concert tickets.

Madeliene Lathrop

My name's Madeliene Lathrop and I like listening to music, playing with my dogs, and watching movies. I'm looking forward to a fun year in Journalism and hope to learn new skills that will help me with my college ambitions! Follow...

Jack Murray

I am John Gordon Murray and I am a senior at Leonardtown High School. I enjoy spending time with family, long walks on the beach, and the media center.  After High School I would like to start up my own business.

Kytana VandenBos

My name's Kytana. I’m a junior, and I can be very social and then antisocial within a second. If you meet me, you’ll realize I talk a lot. Especially if it’s about shows or movies I like. I like writing stories, working...

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