2019 Trends: Which Should Stay and Which Should Go


Image Source: ByteDance Ltd.

Rhea Brown, Junior Staff Writer

Every year, new trends emerge. These trends influence the way we dress, talk, entertain 

ourselves, and communicate. 2019 was a very special year, defined by some crazy trends. However, now that the year is over and we are onto a new decade, the question “Which trends should stay in 2019 and which should move into 2020” is posed. 


Social Media  

Tik Tok-  This app was formerly known as musical.ly, and is a social media platform designed for creating, sharing and discovering short videos, often to the sound of top 100 hit songs. In 2019, Tik Tok blew up. Almost every high schooler across the country with a smartphone had the app. On Tik Tok, anyone has the ability to be “famous” and have their content viewed by millions. Tik Tok resulted in the birth of so many trends last year, from short and catchy dances, to aesthetics of clothing (think e-boys and VSCO girls), and jokes known only by those who get the references. While I do believe Tik Tok hit its peak in 2019, I think that it as a platform should continue to be used in 2020. Tik Tok is a unique outlet for students to create and express themselves in ways not possible since the days of Vine, and interact with those similar to themselves. 



“Tea”- A word used to describe the latest gossip, tea was used heavily in 2019. Tea should definitley stay in 2020, as nothing is more exciting then your friends running up to you and shouting “I have tea!”

“Bet”- A word used to express agreement or approval, bet is usually used when making plans. For that reason, I believe it should stay in 2020 due to its simplicity. Instead of saying “sounds good” you can just say “bet.” Doesn’t get more simplistic then that!

“Cap”- A word used to call out when someone is lying, this term became extremely popular in 2019. However, I think it’s one that should stay there. “Cap” just doesn’t have a catchy ring to it, and feels unnatural to say.

“Periodt”- A word used to express emphasis, peridot was especially popular among girls in 2019. While no one can deny its staggering effects, “periodt” was too overused in too short of a time frame. For this reason, it should stay in 2019.

“Vibe”- While “vibe” has been used for years now, it really rememerged as a slang term in 2019. For example, when someone is not giving off good energy, someone may say “vibe check” to encourage them to cheer up. “Vibe” should definitely stay in 2020.



Superhero Movies- In 2019, one of the most popular movies of all time was released. Avengers Endgame reignited the superhero craze and made brands like Marvel grow exponentially. For an entire month, it seemed that all anyone talked about was superhero movies. I think superhero movies and their popularity should carry onto 2020 due to the excitement and happiness they bring among so many people. 

Gaming- While online gaming has been popular for years now, games such as Overwatch and Fortnite became super popular this year. While I do think that gaming should continue into 2020, game developers need to continue to release new and exciting games to better engage gamers everywhere.